Welcome to Bearlodge Forest Products,INC.

We specialize in new Industrial Pallets specifically designed for each customer’s individual requirements


Since 1977

Located in Hulett, Wyoming, we’ve been a family owned and operated business in the sawmill and forestry industry for over 43 years.

Our focus has evolved primarily into wholesale, industrial pallet manufacturing for use in mines and various manufacturing applications.

Our pallets move products domestically, as well as around the world with ISPM-15 certification and are on six continents!

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1506 Highway 24
PO Box 248
Hulett, WY 82720

Phone: 307-467-5789
Toll Free: 888-742-1132
Fax: 307-467-5212

Email: contact@bearlodgeforestproducts.com
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Memberships and Certifications

Bearlodge Forest Products, Inc. – Specializing in new pallets specifically designed for each customer


We manufacture over 20,000 new pallets every month.

Custom Orders

If your needs require something out of the automated nailer range, we also hand build a variety of pallets.

Customize Pallet Size

Using our computerized pallet design system (PDS),

Customize Sizes

We can customize pallet configurations ranging from 28”x28” to 72”x72”.


In order to ship outside the United States, a pallet must be ISPM-15 compliant.

IPPC Stamp

Every export pallet that Bearlodge Forest Products, Inc. manufacturers is ISPM-15 compliant and stamped.

Bearlodge Forest Products, Inc. has been in business for over 40 years.

We currently manufacture over 20,000 new pallets each month.  We are certified with Timber Products Inspection (TPI), an outside arbiter that ensures our products meet the appropriate grade standards.  We believe in the need to responsibly manage timber, and protect it so there will always be healthy forests for future generations to enjoy and use.